Friday, October 9, 2009


Dringe Augh played with us in Matsumoto and invited us to Korea to play a show! The whole trip was only two days (one whole day and two half days) but it was really great to explore Korea and the show was one of the best this tour.

Drunk and happy after our show.

This is the most popular playground in the city according to Dringe. You'd think they'd clean it up a bit for the kids...

I don't usually like beer, but Korean beer was really good and refreshing tasting. And cheap!

Dringe Augh

These things actually work and you can win toys and stuff out of them. They were always tucked in the weirdest alleys and usually by a pile of trash bags...

The owner of the venue letting us in. I liked the colors...

Kaz checking himself out in a tiny spoon.

Kaz and I passed this teddy bear three times. The first time he was laying down in the back of the trash pile looking drunk, the second time he was propped up a bit as though he was recovering, and by the time the our show had ended someone had brought him out of the alley and had sat him nicely in front of the trash.



September Japan Tour 2009

Kaz before our first show in Sapporo. After the show everyone pulled up tables and chairs and we all drank. I was given several rums and some beer on top of the sake I had smuggled in earlier in a water bottle (I love that sake looks like water). Kaz wrapped a towel around his throat 'cause we both had soar throats that night...

Kaz's high school friend

Another one of Kaz's high school friends and a girl whose little brother went to school with Kaz. Everyone moved to Sapporo...

One of the guys who gave me rum...

Yanagawa san set up a great show in Tokyo and Kaz and him showed up with matching shirts!

Sound check...

Kazutaka Nomura

Kazutaka Nomura

Mari and Yanagawa

Tokyo neko #1

Tokyo neko #2 (I could waist a whole roll of film on stray cats in Tokyo. They're everywhere!)

I think purple was the color of the tour... Everyone was wearing it.

Koware Kake No Tape Recorders sound check. (Purple)

Dennis and Yu chan (Purple)

Mari, Kadotchi, Yu, and Dennis. (Purple)

Door guy Kaz.


Joe kun

Matsumoto show was really fun! This band was the highlight of my evening for sure. It was their last live for awhile because they are pregnant and due in November. They played really well!

Dancing with cat toy.

We signed the wall of the venue before leaving

Chifumi set up the Matsumoto show and let us stay with her. She lives with her parents in an apartment over their sushi restaurant. They fed us so much delicious sushi and for breakfast they made curry.

Chi san!

Modeling a Grandma's Homemade Pin (Pregnant women always wear masks in Japan...)

Kaz and the father to be.

There was a homeless guy dragging this pile of trash around. When he left it to go pick up some more bottles I quickly took a photo. I love the owl!

Big in Japan...


Mice in Tokyo



Band members from an opening band...

Yu and I

Kaz playing shopkeeper at Yu's work


Yu and Dennis

Mari-mari on the train! I love this lady...

The day before Kaz and I left for Korea we met a bunch of friends in Tokyo for a Korean dinner.

Mari gave me a new camera 'cause I lost my old one (which is why there's no photo's from the middle part of the tour). I love this camera!

Mari-mari and Dennis

Everyone was taking photos...

Mari chan eating the film case