Saturday, April 23, 2011

Developed more film!

Recovering from my first tattoo with whiskey, bandages, and a good book.


Luba, Lubie, Lubita

Factory party dancing

Glamorous Stella Rose!

Breakfast photo shoot

The boys

Anna took these photos with my camera when she came over to our house for dinner and a fire!



Last week I went to Mama's house to help her pack for her move to Capitol Hill and she gave me lots of goodies! Once I get my new apartment I can take photos of everything but for now here's just a few things...
Sweater and some fake flowers (she gave me tons of fake flowers)

Her snow creature that matches the felt painting which she also gave me (photos of that up soon-ish)

A Raggedy Anne doll handmade by my Grandma Kathy. She was great at detailes and even embroidered a little heart on her chest that says I Love You. I got a bit carried away with Raggedy Ann pictures... I love this doll!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cap Lori At Chop Suey

Look at my crazy feet! I had no idea they were doing that...