Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome 2010

Miyuki pays her respects at a temple in Asahikawa

Windy eyes-half-open Tennessee in front of an Asahikawa temple

Leo wants in

December Japan Tour 2009

Kaz get's drunk in Tokyo and climbs up a telephone poll, risking the life of himself and his dearly loved "Rascal Hat"

Scary Demon Dog spotted in Tokyo on Christmas

Kaz eating CupNoodle

Kaz poses with his Rascal hat

The lovely Shenandoah Davis arrives in Japan

Christmas group photo after playing our show. My cheeks are pretty red from all the Christmas wine...

Tomo played 'Linda Linda Linda' during his set (Mari and I were his uninvited back up singers) and we closed the night with all of us singing "After Hours". Oh so sweet...

Christmas Kaz

Mari chan poses for a photo!

Some people from Australia came to our Christmas show and I had a hard time making small talk in English.

Kaz sound checking with new gold guitar in Chichibu.

Let Them Eat Cake!

Kaori chan

Shenandoah outside our hosts house in Chichibu.

Kaz and his Ice Cream

Me and my yogurt with bean paste, grapefruit, and whip cream!

We met the beautiful Mari chan for Korean food on Sunday before playing our last show of the tour.


Back in Hokkaido

Kazutaka And Tennessee Rose's Lazy October And November

Kaz taking his very first bubble bath. He seemed quite perturbed by it...

He announced after the bath that he would like to take another one sometime. Success!

Arm drawing during our new band QUILTS first (and only successful) band practice. It was an epic night with four beautiful songs written on the spot.

Kaz being pretty

Miyuki's birthday party at the Nomura families favorite restaurant, Olive.

てんちゃん の ねこじた (Ten chan's cat tongue)

Kaz and the beautiful red Mustang

Self portrait with Kaz's glasses and jacket

Kaz checks out his tongue in a handmirror

Toothpick beard

Asahikawa's first snowfall