Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas tree!


Mama gave Kazu a sailor hat

Kaz`s loot

This sweater is actually kinda awesome when it`s not paired with my flowery leggings...

Spencer got a remote control truck!

It seems like every year I get a picture of Atticus lounging on the couch in his christmas clothes...

Spencer got Mama a remote control rattle snake


Papa, Guinness, and Soren stopped by for a visit

Mama got me this really really soft jacket. I love it so much I don`t wanna take it off!

I made Mama a knitted Kokeshi doll to go with her Kokeshi collection

Spencer, Wendy, and Papa

Testing out the truck...

Wendy cooked us an amazing dinner. After dinner everyone got really sleepy and Kaz and I took Atticus and Bunny home before going back to our apartment to sleep. It felt really lonely not to have all my people around, but I comforted myself by watching Funky Forest (one of my favorite movies that was Atti`s present to me). That movie is the best =)

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!