Monday, March 21, 2011

Work, Life, and The Factory

Lately I've been doing a lot of working and sleeping. I've been working on scripts and I wrote a few songs that woke me up and forced me to write them in the bathroom at 4am... But really my creative and personal projects have been pretty slow lately. However! I was lured out of my winter cave and out into the cold and rainy streets of Seattle twice last week! Once was to see Kaz's band, WAMU, play. It was a great show and they played at this old house that is now being lived in but used to be abandoned when I was sixteen and first moved out of home. I used to break into the house with a boy I was with and it was there I learned how to pick locks. Also it was there that I first saw a rat. A pot of water with dead rats floating in it, to be exact.
The other time I went out last week was to go to a Shelter party thrown by my friends Anna and Rose It was a Factory Party and I was going to go dressed as Nico or Moe Tucker but I had work that night and was lazy so I just made up a factory girl... Tennessee Rose is a pretty good factory name already, anyways. None of the photos in this post are mine! Some are by Anna, some by Rose, and some by Stella Rose.

Anna's boyfriend Sam was visiting from london. It was nice to talk to him and it's sad that he's going back to London so soon!

Kaz and Jordan

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