Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Of HMV Live Show In Shibuya

Tanshi san and Yu chan waiting for the train in Shibuya. The HMV show was fun, but my new songs sounded a little odd. Turns out the guitar I used this tour goes out of tune really quickly!

Kaz at the merch table

Gento san and Aizawa kun after the show. I was really happy that Aizawa kun came because he always makes live shows more fun. He was the only one who howled with me when I played Mad Dog and he helped me check my mic during sound check just so he could yell into the ears of everyone in HMV. Check out his band Hizumi if you can find it online!

We had to walk half of the way home because the train that takes us close to Yu's stopped running earlier that night. It usually would be an hour walk, but it took longer because we were carrying so much stuff. After that we were a lot more stressed out about not missing the last train...

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