Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Day Of The August Japan Tour 2010

We stayed with our friend Yu for the first week when we where playing shows in Tokyo. Yu is learning english to prepare for her trip to Seattle this October, so me and her talked in english half the time. She's really good, and I think she will have no trouble communicating when she's in the states. Also Yu is gorgeous and probably everyone in Seattle is going to fall in love with her... :)

Yu chan has fake glasses and they make me match Kazumo!

It was burning hot in Tokyo and so humid I felt like I was in Hilo. Luckily Yu chan has AC in her room so we were able to sleep comfortably despite the heat.

Almost every morning Yu chan made us french toast and Kaz made coffee with the beans he's been roasting in Asahikawa. Yu and Momo also cooked for us a lot in the evenings after they got home from work. It made me feel embarrassed that I'm usually to lazy to cook after a work day... Once I'm back in Seattle I'll work hard to become a better cook. All I can really cook right now is soup, fish tacos, and pancakes!

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