Sunday, August 15, 2010

Temples And A Hike To The Top Of Nowhere

After the rock caves Sho took us to a temple up in the mountains.

Our Utsunomiya guide and host, Sho

With Kaz

First temple
Vending machines up in the mountains

Entrance to second shrine

While walking up the steps there where a bunch of mini shrines. This one's my favorite because of the pencil offerings...

Concrete Animals

Wish guys


This old lady kept burning plastic garbage right next to the shrine...

I love these guys

God Of Shit

Skull God

I couldn't tell if this was littering or an offering

On our way back from the shrines we noticed a tiny side path and started hiking up the mountain. It led us to a trail...

Slow pokes. 

Jungle Kaz

The top! Nothing was there but a sign that said we had reached the top. Not even a bench to sit down on!

Victory photos

Going back down

Kaz was feeling pretty genki

 After we got back to the bottom of the mountain we went to a little cafe that was actually closed but the old lady was so nice and gave us tea and tsukemono and mochi dango. While we were eating this butterfly wouldn't leave us alone until we gave it it's own little plate of dango. I guess it liked the sauce.... =) Then we went home and Sho's family had ordered sushi. Sho kun's mother is a great cook and the for the two days we stayed with them we were fed non stop. We both looked pregnant by the end of the visit. Thanks so much to Sho's family!

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