Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cats, Old Ladies, and Motorcycles

This town was really cute and right next to the ocean. The streets were so small that even Japanese cars couldn't go through most of them which resulted in tons of rad motorcycles. Even 90 year old women where riding them around. This okonomiyaki shop was run by this little old lady who was super friendly. Only about three people could eat at a time and the rest of the costumers had to wait on the couch for us to finish eating. The man who was there when we can in was drunk and kept telling Kaz that I had a "happiness aura". He said it about every 10 min until he left.

When Kaz ordered a beer she apologized that he had to get it for himself and Kaz said "That's alright" then in English he said "Self serve!" After that anytime someone ordered a drink she would say "Selfu selfu!"

Our friend who is a baker has this awesome bike that he delivers bread in.

After the show one of the venue people took us to his home. His dog was blind and very old and stinky. He slept next to my face all night.

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