Monday, September 13, 2010

Traveling To Matsumoto To Visit Chifumi

Top floor of our hotel

Standing in line for our bus. It was so crowded they didn't want to let us on but we talked the driver into letting us stand on the steps of the bus. I was nearly sitting on the knee of the man behind me! The bus went up this mountain and all the winding around made Kaz and I sick. Car sickness on top of my IUD cramps made it pretty hellish, thank goodness Kaz was there to squeeze my hand..

After the bus ride and before the train ride we went to get shaved ice too cool off

I got melon and Kaz got sweet beans and cream

My lovely Kaz and I

Pretty trains

On the train with Kazumo

Train nap

I love being on the train even if its for 5 hours. Looking out the window and listening to music.

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