Friday, September 17, 2010

Guinness With Any Warhol

The show this night was in a bar/cafe. The guy on before me played with a medical mask on because he was sick and he kept coughing into the mic. After he played Kaz and I switched the amp and the vocal mic...

A women named Eri san and her husband who are both in a great band brought us home. They had two of the cutest cars I'd ever seen!

My view of Kaz's face

Eri's husband had to get up early for work so she took us to a chinese restaurant with the on of the openers (the one who wasn't sick). We ate a ton and drank beer and talked. We were the only people in there because it was so late and the waitress kept falling asleep at a table near the back. I felt bad for her...

The owner of the bar we played at gave me this when I told him my brothers name is Guinness.

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